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AURA & Co. Punch Cookies- Hybrid Refined Sugar

AURA & Co. Punch Cookies- Hybrid Refined Sugar

  • 1 Gram
  • Hybrid – Refined Sugar
  • THC 90%


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About this Hybrid Strain

Punch Cookies is a hybrid cannabis strain, whose lineage stems from crossing the hybrid strains, Purple Punch and Cookies and Cream. It’s are to find this strain, but those lucky enough to find it have described it as having a soothing and relaxing, long-lasting high, suggesting it as a good choice for users looking to relax at the end of a long day. Its euphoric onset of effects can likely be attributed to its high THC content, reaching levels of up to 25% in some batches.

The sweet, almost grape-like flavor, of Punch Cookies is reminiscent of its parent strain, Purple Punch, accompanied by an earthen essence and a nutty undertone. It emits a berry, vanilla, and floral aroma, again accompanied by earthy undertones. Behind its complex aroma and flavor profile, you’ll find a densely packed, trichome rich, bright green bud, layered with pastel orange pistils. Punch Cookies buds are known to be smaller compared to most cannabis strains, but a pleasant experience nonetheless.

Aura Co. presents “Refined Sugar ” made in house made from cured, high quality flower. Aura Co.’s Refined Sugar offers an extremely high THC content, bright color, and sugary consistency sure to make your mouth water.


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AURA & Co. Punch Cookies- Hybrid Refined Sugar
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