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Vanilla Frost – Micro Diamonds

Vanilla Frost - Micro Diamonds

  • 1 Gram
  • Hybrid – Micro Diamond
  • THC 92%


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THC diamonds – more accurately THCA diamonds – are a rare and expensive treat that’s only started to make waves in the cannabis concentrate market over the last few years. Unless you live in a legalized area the odds are good you haven’t run into one of these yet, but if you’re here you’ve likely at least heard about this interesting and unique crystalline form of marijuana and are looking to learn more. We’ll go on a deep dive about this up-and-coming extract in our article below.

What Is a THCA Diamond?
THCA is the natural, root form of THC. As we discuss in our “How to Decarb Weed” article, THCA is not a substance that will get you “high” – Instead, THCA requires heat to turn into the headier THC molecule we all know and love, which is why we smoke or vaporize marijuana rather than eating it out-right.

THCA still has its benefits, and though THCA in it’s raw form may not deliver the same buzz as THC it still has significant interest from a medicinal standpoint, able to serve as a stress and pain relieving remedy without giving the stoned sensation as the THC we usually look for in our cannabis products.


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Vanilla Frost – Micro Diamonds
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