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Live Carts

Live Carts


  • 1 Full Gram
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LIVE is a set of defined cannabis solutions, designed to serve the East Coast’s fast growing market, whose tastes are constantly evolving; cannabis products today have much more variety, and unprecedented quality. Gone are the days when California and Colorado were the only producers of high grade cannabis products. Maine brings the heat, and we help bring it to market with our innovative business model and game changing/bleeding edge cannabis products.

The premier disty cart in the east. Distillate carts are the most popular cart on the market, and there’s a reason for that.  Distillate is one of the most ubiquitous sources of cannabinoids, and can be one of the cleanest and most efficient delivery methods…if done right.

That’s where we come in.. our producers are required to use the very best distillate and additives they can produce or procure, ensuring a premium safe formula.

Typically this means our DISTILLATE is:

  • category 3 distillate (lab tested; without pesticides)

  • high delta-9 THC potency ( 85-94%)

  • high purity (light/clear color due to removal of plant and lipid matter)

Our distillate cartridges provide a base of delta-9 induced THC-effects, which center around pain relief and enhanced appetite. From there, you can customize your experience by choosing a strain/flavor with a particular Sativa-Hybrid-Indica terpene profile. The particular blend of terpenes in your cartridge will interact with the delta-9 THC cannabinoids in unique ways, enabling medicinal benefits.

Additional information

LIVE Carts 11 Flavors

Mango Kush, Lemon Skunk, Blueberry Kush Indica, Bubblegum OG Hybrid-Indica, Blackberry Kush Hybrid-Indica, Grape Ape, Jack Herer, Zkittles, Watermelon, Mimosa Hybrid-Sativa, Cotton Candy


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Live Carts
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